SEO Best Practices: Fall 2016

The SEO industry is changing rapidly.What does this mean for you? It means you have to re-evaluate your strategy on a regular basis. You shouldn’t be using the same SEO strategies and tactics you may have been using. […]

After the Honeymoon

I’ve been a web developer by trade for about eight years now. During the early years, my appetite for learning was insatiable., but by my 7th year, I felt restless. Having received degrees in other disciplines, I contemplated whether it was time for a change in vocation. Giving it some time, I eventually realized that it wasn’t that I had lost interest in my daily work. […]

Trip Report: DrupalCorn Camp & DrupalCamp Colorado

I like networking and learning and I enjoy presenting to audiences, and during the first two weeks of August, I went to two different Drupal Camps: DrupalCorn Camp in Iowa and DrupalCamp Colorado. […]

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Jon Peck
August 29, 2016