Cecy Correa
May 29, 2012

If you went to DrupalCon Denver 2012, you’re probably thinking “oh man, I can’t wait to revisit some of the awesome talks I went to,” or “darn, I missed that talk, where can I find audio or video from it?”

Well, look no further! Videos for Four Kitchens talks are up online, and accompanying decks are also available on Slideshare!

Big Websites for Small Screens: ICANN.org Case Study
Description: ICANN is the organization responsible for coordinating global use of the domain name system (DNS). This session will take you through Four Kitchens’ process of redesigning ICANN.org from static HTML to a responsive Drupal 7 website.
Speakers: Chris Ruppel, Todd Nienkerk, Zach Meyer.

NO RFPs! Why Requests Proposals are Bad Business and How We Can Stop It
Description: Proposals tell you how good a vendor is at writing proposal, not how good their work is. (How many clients are looking to hire professional proposal writers?) In this panel, some of the world’s top Drupal business development professionals will speak to the RFP process and other options. The strengths and weaknesses of RFPs will be identified, and creative alternatives will be discussed.
Speakers: Crystal Williams, Zach Chandler, Brian Skowron, Todd Nienkerk.

UX Design for Every Screen
Description: In this session, we will explore how the recent explosion of devices has disrupted the process of designing a website that we’ve crafted over the past decade.
Speakers: Aaron Stanush

If you attended any of these talks, or are now just listening to a talk, we’d love to hear from you. Continue the conversation with us over yonder on Twitter: @fourkitchens.

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