Advanced Responsive Web Design Training Advanced Responsive Web Design Training May. 20th, 2014 Ian Carrico
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Advanced Responsive Web Design Training

May 20th, 2014

DrupalCon Austin is almost here, and we’re gearing up to host the Drupal community for a week of great trainings, amazing speakers, and code sprints. Chris Ruppel, Sam Richard, and I are leading a full-day training on creating responsive websites with the latest tools and tricks. We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure we have the very best content ready for DrupalCon, and we’re excited to share our knowledge with the rest of the Drupal community.

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Still thinking about it? Here’s what you need to know.

Who should attend the Advanced Responsive Web Design (RWD) training?

This training is for any developer or designer who wants to understand at a deeper level the fundamentals of responsive web design. We will not just be going over how to code with Sass, but how to create a great content strategy that will inform your design. The focus will be on how to create a content strategy as a foundation, and build components and layouts from that strategy. Although we will be using Sass and Compass, this training will still have a lot of new content for even seasoned users of Sass.

This is an advanced training, so some prior knowledge of Sass, and its basic usage will be needed. If you want some practice before the training, check out SassMeister for an easy way to play with variables, mixins, and functions with Sass. If you have any questions or concerns about taking the training, feel free to contact me this week.

Who are the trainers?

Sam Richard is a Senior Frontend Developer at NBCUniversal. Chris Ruppel and Ian Carrico are Frontend and Backend Developers at Four Kitchens. All are well known in the Drupal community as both RWD and Sass experts, having trained and spoken at numerous events around the world, including several DrupalCons (Denver, Portland, Munich), SassConf in New York, and BADCamp in San Francisco.

None are strangers to community contribution either: Sam and Ian maintain the Aurora base theme and contribute to many RWD-related Compass extensions such as Toolkit, Singularity, and Breakpoint. Chris maintains the Modernizr module and has contributed to Modernizr, the Drupal 8 HTML5/Mobile initiatives, and the D7 upgrade.

Together, we have worked on some of the largest and fastest responsive Drupal sites on the web. The training combines our work and the open-source tools we contribute and maintain to provide top-notch examples of creating a responsive site.

Where can I register?

You can register for Advanced RWD training on the DrupalCon Austin site. Only a few spots remain, so please hurry!

Feel free to contact me this week if you have any questions about the training. We look forward to seeing you all in Austin.

Photo: “Austin Skyline and Lady Bird Lake” by Katie Haugland / CC-BY