We are proud to announce Drupal Day Austin!

In lieu of a DrupalCamp Austin in 2012, we are bringing you Drupal Day Austin. Think of it as a DrupalCamp jam-packed all into one day of lightning talks, mini BoFs and BBQ! Yes, BBQ. We like to call it “mini camp.”

I know that you may be wondering why we’re not having a full-on DrupalCamp in Austin this year. Well, you might have heard Austin is now home to a Formula 1 racetrack. While at first, a DrupalCamp might not seem to interfere too much with a Formula 1 race, the problem was not the event itself, but the fact that every hotel around the Austin metro area is fully booked for our usual DrupalCamp Austin date due to the Formula 1 race. We want our DrupalCamp to be accessible for out of town guests, therefore, keeping our usual date was not an option.

Our only option seemed to cancel the event altogether. November had been a good time for us because it’s not too hot here in Austin, it’s right before the holidays, and after major Austin events like college Football kick-off season and the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Instead of canceling the event altogether, we decided to move the event so that it would not interfere with Formula 1 or ACL (however, we do believe there is a UT game that day, but our event should be over by kick-off). And that’s how Drupal Day Austin was born.

Will there be a DrupalCamp Austin in 2013? Absolutely. We are taking this time to regroup, rethink, and plan to make DrupalCamp Austin in 2013 well worth the wait. While we do not have a solid date for DrupalCamp Austin in 2013, all we can say is that it will definitely be early in the year, as to not conflict with Fall events. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback regarding how we can make the next DrupalCamp Austin better. @DrupalATX on Twitter is probably the best way to give us your feedback. You can also leave a comment in this blog post below, or contact me directly at cecy (at) fourkitchens (dot) com.

You can find out more about Drupal Day Austin and RSVP here: http://drupaldayaustin.org

Lightning talks and speakers will be announced soon!

Photo credit: “Dewdrops” by hetitsgarrett on Flickr.