DrupalCon like a local.

We are thrilled that DrupalCon is coming to Austin in exactly one month from today! We want to share the best our city has to offer with everyone visiting, so we are putting together four exciting days of activities aptly called the Four Days of Four Kitchens, or #4DaysOf4K for short (with hashtag!). These are some of the activities we have planned for you the week of DrupalCon Austin.

Monday, 6/2

Office Space screening at the legendary Alamo Drafthouse Cinema!

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is a huge source of pride for local Austinites. It provides a movie-going experience like no other, and it has been named the best movie theater in America several times by a variety of publications. What makes the Alamo Drafthouse so great? No dumb commercials before the film. Every film comes with its own special pre-show entertainment of unique short videos. Plus, you can order food or drinks right from your seat, and a server brings it to you. No more fighting lines for popcorn! No more eating gross popcorn! Eat a delicious Royale with Cheese instead!

This private screening of Office Space comes with surprises, like your very own pieces of flair and much more! There may be a recreation of a famous scene from the movie involving a printer. You won’t want to miss this! Attendance is free, get your tickets here!

Tuesday, 6/3

Private dinner at Franklin and karaoke after party

Franklin BBQ was named the best barbecue in America by Bon Appetite magazine, and we’ve rented out the whole thing for a small private appreciation dinner for friends of Four Kitchens. Space is very limited, so this event is invite-only and mostly full at this point. If you would like to request an invite, please feel free to email me and if there is space, I will add you to our list!

Do not fret however, as this is not the only Four Kitchens-related event going on this evening. The after party will take place at Swan Dive, with karaoke from 10 to midnight! No RSVPs are necessary for karaoke, just show up and sing some tunes, or hang out while other people make a fool of themselves — I mean, sing.

But wait, there’s more!

We have many more surprises and the best way to know about all of the events we’re putting together is to bookmark (do people still bookmark pages?) this page:


In addition to a schedule of events where you can find the Web Chefs, you will also find recommendations for things to do in downtown Austin, so you can make the most out of your visit to Austin during DrupalCon.