Screenshot from the Four Kitchens presentation 'Accelerated grid theming using NineSixty'

Jake Strawn of Drupal Dynamics and I are teaming up to propose a Accelerated grid theming using NineSixty session for DrupalCon Paris. (To be fair, he beat me to it and was gracious enough to add me as a co-presenter.)

Our session will cover the following basics of the 960 grid system:

  • What is
  • Using the NineSixty theme as your starting point / parent theme
  • Understanding the grid-x, push-x, pull-x classes
  • Why a grid-based system can help speed up theme development
  • How to break the 960-pixel limit

In the last month, I have presented sessions on and the NineSixty theme at DrupalCamps in Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Stockholm. Most recently, I co-presented a session at Drupal Design Camp Boston with Nathan Smith, creator of the 960 grid system. You can download the slide decks on our “Presentations” page.

Why should you care about and grid-based theming? Easy: It will save you time, money, and frustration. Grid systems contain trim, robust, and reusable CSS that can handle virtually all positioning and cross-browser compatibility. Standardized design grids provide themers and developers a more solid jumping-off point when creating a new layout or design.

Interested? Vote for our session!