Every October, the Web Chefs at Four Kitchens go BAD. That’s right, we’re headed to beautiful Berkeley, California to attend BADCamp and we can’t wait to see you there.

You’ll see some of our rad team mates from Austin, Boston, Johnstown, Albuquerque, and Berkeley. We’ve prepared some great sessions and trainings. Also, did you hear? We’re hiring!

We’ll be all over the place, so when you spot the green track jackets with the 4K logo, don’t be shy!


Living Style Guides in Drupal 8 for Designers and Frontenders
Thursday, October 20 with Randy Oest

Let Randy show you how to dynamically produce an always up-to-date style guide that works with the Drupal 8 template system.

Non-profit Summit

Breakout session: Drupal 8’s New Features for Non-Profits
Thursday, October 20 with Mike Minecki
10:30am – 11:30am

Come learn all the great new things you can do for non-profits with Drupal 8.

Web Chef Session

Built It but Nobody Came: Avoiding Overnegineering
Saturday, October 22 with Jon Peck

Designing and building something that people need is completely different from implementing what they asked for. Engineers don’t like to say no; helping is empowering and pride makes it difficult to back down. Product owners don’t always have the context to understand how hard a feature is to implement and a throwaway request can add weeks to a project. We’re all limited by our perspective, so the trick is to recognize what practically should be built. The goal isn’t to say no, it should be to empower. Learn from our successes and mistakes!