As part of an ongoing effort to enhance user experience, the Drupal User Exeprience Team is submitting a grant proposal to the Knight Drupal Initiative to receive funding for several rounds of formal usability testing on Drupal. The working draft of the proposal is currently open to community discussion, and we encourage anyone who is interested to participate.

KDI Usability Proposal

About the Knight Foundation

Since 1950, the Knight Foundation has invested more than $300 million to advance quality journalism and freedom of expression worldwide. Today, the program focuses on leading journalism excellence into the digital age. We define journalism excellence as the fair, accurate, contextual pursuit of truth. The Foundation is a Miami-based non-profit organization.

About the Knight Drupal Initiative

Drupal and the Knight Foundation agree that open source digital publishing can enable powerful agents of transformation in their communities.

Knight Foundation is working with the Drupal community on the Knight Drupal Initiative with the following goals in mind:

  • To enable more people to enter the digital conversation by lowering the technical barriers to entry.
  • To provide powerful tools for digital publication, free and open to all.
  • To encourage people to improve their communities by supporting the free exchange of information and ideas.