The elephant in the room

If you’ve keep up with Drupal news, you know there’s a hefty ongoing process of redesigning Leisa Reichelt has played a huge part in documenting this process and has started some great discussions as well as set up some super useful cardsorting exercises to crowdsource site architecture concerns.

One of the most important examples of these cardsorting exercises is happening right now! It’s to help organize the somewhat chaotic page for finding Drupal modules. The creation of was no doubt formed as a solution to categorize and rate the available modules, but no one would argue the problem needs to be fixed at home as well.

Drupal’s huge set of freely available community modules is what makes it so versatile. Join the fight, ensure that finding modules is a painless experience for all time!

Extra credit: Here’s what the redesign team learned from the last card sort.

Photo by Caitlin