OpenID is blowing up!

This morning, the OpenID Foundation announced that Google, IBM, Microsoft, VeriSign, and Yahoo! have joined as its first corporate board members. But don’t worry: was quick to note that the members are not decision-makers:

While the OpenID Foundation serves a stewardship role around the community’s intellectual property, the Foundation’s board itself does not make any decisions about the specifications the community is collaboratively building. (Emphasis theirs.)

GetOpenID logo

Well, we have an announcement of our own: We’re completely overhauling our OpenID registrar and expect to re-launch the site sometime in April 2008 — and we’ll do it on Drupal!

OpenID support for Drupal 5.x and 6.x is currently limited to clients. We plan to build a module to enable server-side support, allowing any Drupal site to become an OpenID registrar. The module will be released to the Drupal community under the GPL.

Viva free software and open standards!