Drupal themer extraordinaire Morten.dk, currently ranked #7 on Google for “king of Denmark”, has been bugging us for a Don’t Mess with Texas mug. Well, “bugging” may not be the right word. “Profanely demanding” is more appropriate.

Finding one was surprisingly difficult. While (lesser) cities like Dallas and Houston are lined with shops hawking rattlesnake heads and scorpions encased in plastic, there doesn’t seem to be much demand for Texas memorabilia in Austin.

Except at the airport, where you can find your name stamped on a fake Texas license plate or worn chunk of fencepost.

So, after scoring the great city of Austin for tacky crap, we proudly present Morten.dk’s Don’t Mess with Texas mug:

In return, we demand Morten.dk send us the tackiest Danish thing he can get his hands on. (I seem to remember him saying something about mermaids. Is that a Danish thing? Is Denmark known for mermaids or mer-related activity?)

Morten, the ball’s in your court. The gloves are off, and I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. There’s a line in the sand. You’re walking a tightrope.

That is to say, you have been challenged. The Transatlantic Tacky Swag Swap has begun!