##4K news this week:

  • Check out Patrick Coffey’s part two in his series on MeteorJS. This time, Patrick shares how to best structure your app.
  • Our amazing team of Web Chefs launched the brand new Entertainment Weekly website! It is not a redesign, but a replatform to Drupal. Our team migrated over 500 million pieces of content to Drupal from one Vignette 6 site and several other WordPress VIP blogs. Huge kudos to the team, comprised of: Suzy Bates, Jon Peck, Matt Grill, Patrick Coffey, Peter Sieg, Chris Ruppel, and Caris Hurd, with help from Alex Knutson!

Links around the watercooler:

  • We love this brand new site by Mule Design. Their elegant designs are truly inspiring!
  • Sane Stack: A Javascript Fullstack and CLI that lets you rapidly create production-ready web apps using Sails and Ember. Neat!
  • Herp Derpsum: for when you need a less eloquent form of Lorem Ipsum.
  • This helpful app lets you determine if you’re good to migrate to Sublime 3.
  • We love this awesome new typeface inspired by old maps, but made with algorithms.