4K news this week:

  • We’re attending and speaking at DrupalCamp Stanford this weekend! Todd Nienkerk presented his “Culture of Empowerment” talk, but don’t worry if you missed it! You can check out the slides here.
  • We’re teaming up with the super nice folks at Aten Design Group and Kalamuna for a fun party at DrupalCon Los Angeles! The party will be on Thursday May 14th at Lucky Strike, a short walk or car ride from the convention center. An RSVP will be required for entry, so stay tuned to find out how you can attend this fun event.
  • Speaking of DrupalCon Los Angeles, have you checked out our two amazing training workshops?
    • Introduction to Headless Drupal will show you how to code your own Node.js app and integrate it into Drupal
    • Frontend Performance will cover how to make your Drupal site as fast as possible, how to manage a performance budget, and other tricks for making lightning-fast websites.
  • Web Chef and UX Strategist Caris Hurd shares her insights on how you can use UX to redesign your next website.

Links around the watercooler:

GIF of the week:

Land dog meets sea dog.