#4K news this week

Matt Grill

  • We celebrated the two year Chefiversary of our very first remote team member, Matt Grill. If it wasn’t for Matt we probably wouldn’t have the distributed team or culture that we’ve cultivated over the last two years. Cheers to Matt for being brave enough to be the first!
  • Our RESTful series continued with REST Easy Part 2: Sub Property Boogaloo, with David Diers covering the body field, which requires extra care when used within a RESTful endpoint.
  • Resident Meteor evangelist Patrick Coffey shared his thoughts on Debunking 3 misconceptions of his favorite framework.
  • Chris Ruppel wrote about why inlining critical CSS on a dynamic CMS such as Drupal or WordPress doesn’t have to be a pain in his Webperf Wednesday article, Use Grunt and AdvAgg to inline critical CSS on a Drupal 7 theme.

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