When in April the sweet showers fall
that pierce March’s drought to the root and all
and bathed every vein in liquor that has power
to generate therein and sire the flower

–Chaucer, from the general prologue to the Canterbury Tales

Web Chefs, when in April

  • Did your catch our April Fools posts? Our CEO, Todd Nienkerk, heckles company culture and extols the virtues of brick-and-mortar in Retraction: We take it back, while Matt Grill, the original distributed Web Chef, waxes poetic on hacking an Apple II keyboard.

  • Web Chef Taylor Smith introduced us to Aquifer, a build system for Drupal development.

  • We’re getting back into our Medium blog. Check it out for more thought-driven pieces and ICYMI reposts from the last ten years.

  • Doug Bigham told us how this year’s “spring break for nerds” fell flat.

  • And in one last dose of SXSW for the year, episode 16.3 of the Sharp Ideas podcast went on-air. You can find Sharp Ideas on SoundCloud and Stitcher.

Links around the watercooler

Goodbye, Merle. We’ll miss you.