Rocketeers: Recent Launches from Four Kitchens

Spooky Tales of Digital Strategy

What chilling tales did the Web Chefs write about this week?

  • Did you ever hear the story of the headless Drupal? Listen to Todd Ross Nienkerk’s advice on decoupled architecture and learn just when to lose your head, in Four Kitchens Presents: The Future of the CMS.
  • Deciding how best to dice up your victim project can be difficult. Joe Tower has you covered on the art of frontend carving with WordPress: To Componentize or Not?
  • Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs upon a slimy sea…but luckily for us, they stayed in the bay. The Web Chefs had a blast in Berkeley a few weeks ago; Randy Oest tells you all about it in his Trip Report: BADcamp 2016 – Teaching, Learning, and Bonding.
  • Aaoo! Ao-ao-aooo! Beware the phases of the moon, turning people into wolves. Mike Klanac talks about how he did some Managing In Phases for the portal.

Undead Links from Beyond the Veil