Weekly Watercooler: DIY Edition Jun. 29th, 2012 Ian Carrico

Weekly Watercooler: DIY Edition

June 29th, 2012

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  • If you remember the Flintstones, and want to live just like they did, Dick Clark just put his $3.5 million dollar house on the market. We started a coin jar here at Four Kitchens to try and save up for it.
  • Watch the Game of Thrones? We found an interesting article that tracks mentions of Game of Thrones all across the internet.
  • Reddit undoubtably is one of the internet’s greatest repositories of humor, information, and cat pictures. How did they build their vast network of Redditors? $500 worth of stickers.
  • At Four Kitchens, we love food. We love pizza (almost as much as we love tacos) so when we saw this we got SUPER excited. As the motivation began in Austin, we can only hope that we will get one here too!
  • Brad Frost has a fantastic blog post about how much a responsive design costs. Spoiler alert: $13.47 USD.
  • BONUS LINK: We just found this amazing link about the evolution of web technologies over time and the browsers the supported them.
  • Finally, for a bit of humor, we bring you The 100 Most Entertaining Tech Twitters.