4K news this week:

  • Are you going to BADCamp? The largest, free Drupal event in the world is coming, and we’re helping throw a game night for the community. Drupalgangers welcome! RSVP here.
  • If you’re in Portland and you want to meet with a Web Chef, you should come out to out Web Chef Happy Hour on October 11th. Come talk about Drupal, the web, or anything cool. You can also RSVP here. Your first beer is on us!
  • Today was company photo day at Four Kitchens. You can get a sneak peek here. However, no company picture will ever be as cool as this one, by the folks at imgur.

Links around the watercooler:

  • Space things up! Kevin Spacer generates placeholder images for your project using everyone’s favorite usual suspect.
  • One of the most difficult NES games ever, check out this brave person beating Solomon’s Key in just one life, and in under an hour.
  • What are the most WTF programming languages, according to Github commits? IT World tells you.
  • Drupal 8 logo is revealed! This blog post documenting design concepts gives us insight into the nature of the new brand.