4K news this week:

  • We’ve launched a new Pressflow.org site, with more information, FAQs and goodies. Check it out!
  • We also started a Web Chef Tumblr to share all the cool stuff that doesn’t always make it to the Weekly Watercooler. You can now follow us on Tumblr here.

Links around the watercooler:

  • We love our coffee! We couldn’t believe that at this coffee shop, people buy you coffee! Collective coffee FTW.
  • This article about how “UX Design at Digital Agencies is F*cked” (actual title!) got us thinking about ways to improve our own workflows in unique ways — very interesting read!
  • This Q&A with Chris Coyier on Smashing Mag is quite awesome.
  • As avid scrum advocates and users, this Planning Poker “app” looks very appealing for our planning meetings.
  • We wish very badly this “Bill Murray Tour” was real. Bill, you can come party with us anytime. We have robots.