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Webinar: Context-Aware Content for your CMS

Content! It’s everywhere! It’s displayed on websites and in apps. It’s streamed to smartphones, televisions, and watches. It’s heard on podcasts, radios, and Amazon Alexa. With so many platforms, how can you…

Sharp Ideas, a Four Kitchens podcast

Sharp Ideas s2e6: Be Happy

On this episode of Sharp Ideas, we're keeping your team happy, working ethically with clients, and preparing for the future of work.

Sharp Ideas: s2e2: Clients and Users

On this episode of Sharp Ideas, Doug and Randy are joined by ThinkShout's Mimi Cook (Sales Operations Manager) and Jessica Tate (Senior UX Designer). Recorded on-site at BADCamp 2016, we're talking accessibility,…

Sharp Ideas: the Podcast from Four Kitchens

Sharp Ideas: s2e1: Frontend, UX, and Design

Welcome to Season Two of Sharp Ideas—the podcast from Four Kitchens. Join us on Friday afternoon for the next six weeks as we ask our guests to talk about the ethics and…

Four Kitchens Presents: Getting What You Need

Four Kitchens Presents: Getting What You Need

The Story We all know the story. A client comes to you and poses their problem. You assess it and reply with a proposal. The client accepts and the project begins. Work.…

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Rethinking Content

Scrying the Web This year alone, we've seen several major changes to the way Google ranks a page in Google Search. In January, Google incorporated the "Panda" filter into their core search…

Sharp Ideas

Sharp Ideas 16.6: Project Management Masters

July is too hot; stay inside and listen to a new episode of the Sharp Ideas podcast! On this episode, we're joined by Four Kitchens' Web Chefs Alex Hicks and Chris Devidal,…

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