design systems

Design Systems: Start Small, Grow Later

Everyone is talking about the benefits of design systems and how they align teams, save time, and increase brand consistency. Examples people encounter over and over, like IBM’s Carbon or Salesforce’s Lightning…

The Design Journey of SDSU Extension

Begin with the end in mind—defining our goals Our collaboration with South Dakota State University's (SDSU) outreach arm, SDSU Extension, began by defining the user experience and branding issues that the previous site…

Ithaca College wins FOUR W3 Awards

Together, Ithaca College and Four Kitchens have been awarded four 2018 W3 Awards for the update to Ithaca's website. The W3 Awards celebrate digital excellence by honoring outstanding Websites, Web Marketing, Video, Mobile…

Barriers to and solutions for digital accessibility

Digital accessibility is the seamless design of products, tools, and services for all users. The need for digital accessibility has increased with the rise of technology and digital media.  40 million Americans or 12.6% of US citizens live with a disability. Disabilities include any form of visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairment. Here are some challenges and solutions to digital accessibility for all Site Launch!

Launch Announcement:

Last month, Ithaca College introduced the first version of what will represent the biggest change to the college’s website technology, design, content, and structure in more than a decade—a redesigned and rebuilt site that’s…

WebVR grid overlaid over a 360 degree image.

UX tips for creating WebVR experiences

In Fall 2017, Four Kitchens conducted a usability study on two WebVR prototypes. Our objective was to start to document and understand web-based VR experiences and how to best design for WebVR. Here are some key tips and takeaways from that study.