DrupalCon Recon: Nashville 2018

This blog post was originally published on Taylor's website. There, you can read Taylor's full review, including his learnings from all sessions he attended. Trust us, you'll want to read the detailed review.  Many…

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React VR: An Early Look At Facebook’s Foray Into VR

At first glance, an app built React VR is almost indistinguishable from aframe-react. However, there are major architectural differences between the two that have implications for even the simplest WebVR projects.

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VR DrupalCon Demo Case Study

As a virtual company we don't get a lot of chances to visit the places that our teammates work or live. We see a little sliver of each other's workspaces, as the…

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VR Experiences IRL

This year's company retreat provided a first encounter with VR…