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Lucy Weinmeister

Marketing Coordinator

Lucy Weinmeister
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Lucy Weinmeister

Diva is a female version of a hustler.

Lucy Weinmeister is the marketing coordinator for Four Kitchens. She’s obsessed with letting everyone know about the innovative and exciting ideas the Web Chefs are cooking up: sharing how we empower each other as a team, recapping a particularly hard problem and how we solved it—it’s all part of the Four Kitchens story. With a background in advertising and PR, she understands the stories that keep people interested and enjoys keeping an audience engaged. The Drupal community has a special place in her heart, so naturally, Four Kitchens was the perfect fit for her skills.

Recent Four Kitchens Projects

If you’ve been at a Four Kitchens event, read any of our newsletters or slapped a 4K sticker on your laptop, you’ve enjoyed Lucy’s work!

Recent blog post by Lucy Weinmeister:

Bits and pieces

  • Currently obsessed with…

    Zadie Smith, mezcal and red lipstick.

  • On my next vacation, I'm going to…

    Mexico City or Portland.

  • Beer and enchiladas

    …are the perfect dinner combo.
  • I can't stop listening to…

    Ray LaMontagne.

  • I empower others by…

    advocating for women’s workplace equality!

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