In our updated* “Future of the CMS” webinar, Four Kitchens CEO and Co-Founder Todd Ross Nienkerk walks you through the options behind a modern, responsive, design strategy. Todd talks about:

  • Centralized content management: Collecting, managing, and distributing your content from a single location — and fostering a community of content contributors and app builders.
  • Context-aware content: Telling the same story using different experiences and devices.
  • Multichannel and omnichannel publishing: Distributing your content to any service or device (think Facebook Instant or Apple TV) with minimal changes.
  • Decoupling your CMS: Separating the management of content from the presentation of content makes it easier to support new technologies and devices.
  • Future-proofing your project: Thinking about the future means being prepared for changes, not being able to predict where technology will go. What ideas should you pursue, and which should you avoid right now?
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