With more than 64,752 downloads, Emulsify is an important tool to Four Kitchens and the Drupal community. It helps drive the component-driven development movement forward. We are proud to announce that with version 5, we're going in a direction that will deliver a flexible design system, regardless of technology.

Emulsify is growing from its roots as a Pattern Library for developers and into a Design System for the whole organization. Developers will still have the guidance that they need, but now the rest of the team will be able to use and reference Emulsify for their needs.

  • Editors will be able to explore examples of how your Design System works
  • Marketers will be armed with a library of promotional tools to build robust pages for your goals
  • Your organization will have a single source of design truth, usable for all your digital products

A Future Forward Change

With the changes we wanted in Emulsify 5—a holistic, single source of truth to bring an organization together—we decided that the time was right to adopt a tech stack that would allow us to deliver that. The next version of Emulsify will be powered by Gatsby and Storybook.

Using Gatsby and Storybook will give Emulsify the power to run not only Drupal sites, but decoupled projects for Drupal, WordPress, Contentful, etc, as well as standalone projects (even vanilla HTML!). Emulsify can make use of the languages that you’re building in—Twig, React, Vue, etc.—so it goes where you are. Highlights include:

  • Custom and flexible style guide driven by Gatsby
  • Storybook-powered pattern library
  • Full support for React and Twig out of the box
  • Full support for parent/child/sibling organizations

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