Full Plate Living

Redesign for a More Fulfilling Experience

We built an interactive platform for audience interaction, community growth, and positive personal change.

The Client

Full Plate Living is a nonprofit with an appetite for change. Our client’s mission is to improve health in America by providing preventative education on issues of healthy eating, thus curbing growth of diseases like diabetes.

The Problem

For years, Full Plate Living (FPL) had been performing in-person training workshops to teach people about healthy living. With the rise of online social networks, FPL saw an opportunity to digitize their training curriculum so they could share their knowledge with anyone, anywhere.

The Solutions

The new Full Plate Living site would need to be built with both the average user and the company’s editors in mind. Editors would need things like drag-and-drop editing tools and the ability to build landing pages and other content without developer help. Users would need a site that integrated their profile with Facebook login capabilities, made it easy for them to build online lesson plans, and made commenting simple and rewarding.

Case Study: Full Plate Living screenshot

Empower by design

Four Kitchens built a platform using Drupal that empowered our client to really own their new site. Using custom built layouts and templates, Full Plate Living team members with no prior development experience can now continue to build beautiful pages without having to code.

Learn at your own pace from any device

Audiences want to be in control of when and how they access site content. Keeping this in mind, Four Kitchens built a lightweight responsive theme that loads at lightning-fast speeds on any device. Those seeking knowledge can take lessons at their own pace, wherever they are comfortable.

Shared learning through social tools

Learning new skills—especially when it involves making changes to your lifestyle—can be hard to do alone. That’s why we built the new Full Plate Living site with integrated social tools, making it easy for users to register using their Facebook credentials, fun to interact with one another as they progress through lesson plans together, and a breeze to Tweet about their experience—sharing their progress with the world.

I think the word lagniappe, meaning a little bit extra, best describes the work [the Web Chefs] have done on this project. Not only have you built an exceptional website but it feels like your team has baked a little of their soul into the project as well.

—Dan Braun, General Manager, Full Plate Living


We launched the new Full Plate Living site in 2013.

Services provided

  • technical architecture and site building
  • design and UX
  • site maintenance and continued feature development

Technologies used

  • HTML5
  • FitVids
  • Drupal
  • Panopoly
  • Twitter API
  • Disqus

In Previous News

  • Responsive Images: A Drupal Implementation, by Chris Ruppel
  • Minified JavaScript, on the Fly!, by Elliott Foster
  • We won! American Business Awards 2014 – Silver Stevie Winner – Health Products and Services
  • We won! Davey Awards 2014 – Silver Winner
  • We won! 21st Annual Communicator Award of Excellence 2015 – Silver Award of Distinction – Website Winner

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