Team Augmentation

Complementing Your Best

Sometimes you need a little help—or a lot. Four Kitchens is here to fill the gap. If you can't hire someone quickly or permanently, we have the expertise you’re looking for.

The Problem

You’re really busy. Your team is overworked. You need to deliver your content to a voice-driven UI, but you don’t have the time to hire permanently. Enter the Web Chefs. Hiring Four Kitchens for team augmentation gives you our expertise without the burden of ramping up full-time hires.

• best practices, DevOps, and code reviews
• UX and design
• API design, testing, and documentation
• app development: iPhone and Android, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Echo
• Node, JavaScript, Drupal, PHP

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Success Stories

NBCUniversal — multichannel development

We’ve complemented NBC’s development team since 2013 to help them build websites, content APIs, and apps for streaming devices like Amazon Echo, Roku, and Samsung Smart TV. The Web Chefs have become integral to an NBCUniversal development team that has moved the technological needle forward, making sure NBC viewers have a seamless multichannel experience, and even winning an Emmy for Outstanding Interactive Programming.

Forcepoint — hiring augmentation

Four Kitchens originally contracted with Forcepoint to build their new website to coincide with the launch of their new brand. After launch, they found themselves short on the development resources needed to maintain their site.  Four Kitchens worked with Forcepoint to act as a stopgap, maintaining and updating parts of the site until they could hire an in-house developer. Additionally, Forcepoint leveraged the Web Chefs’ expertise to successfully find and interview a new in-house developer.

The Economist — continuous migration

In 2009, The Economist wanted to achieve something monumental: Migrate hundreds of thousands of articles and millions of users from their aging, homebrew CMS to a state-of-the-art, Drupal-powered publishing platform. Working alongside The Economist’s formidable team and other expert vendors, we divided our efforts to continuously migrate the site as we rolled out new features. Our work with The Economist lasted more than four years and spanned 10 projects. Still today, remains one of the world’s largest Drupal-powered websites.

City of Austin — enterprise-level guidance

The City of Austin decided to move to Drupal. Although they built an excellent in-house team, they needed some help with enterprise-level Drupal development, so they hired the Web Chefs to augment the leadership of their team. We provided guidance in best practices, code reviews, and DevOps that kept their team on-track and on-budget.

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