Decoupling to Deliver Better Content Netcast Network had ten years of content they wanted to distribute in a fresh way. We made it accessible to all devices and services—now and in the future.

The Client is an online podcast (or “netcast”) network, founded by technology journalist Leo Laporte. began broadcasting in 2005 with the launch of This Week in Tech and has since expanded to over twenty-two distinct podcasts and live streaming broadcasts. With nearly a decade of award-winning content and a large subscriber base to manage, TWiT needed a new way to reach their audience—because a network devoted to tech news deserves a great interaction experience on tech devices.

The Problem

The Netcast Network was looking for a fresh way to distribute content using the latest frontend technologies. Four Kitchens delivered by moving TWiT’s ten years of videos and podcasts into a RESTful API and refreshing their website to present content in a mobile-friendly format.

The Solutions

Putting RSS to REST

For content distribution, Four Kitchens replaced the reliable-but-inflexible RSS feeds TWiT was using with a Drupal-powered RESTful content API. The new API provides a more powerful interface for the TWiT community to build out apps.

Decoupling from Drupal

Using the new API, Four Kitchens built the first of many TWiT content apps, relaunching as a Node.js website which pulls all of its content from the same source that any third-party app will use. Using Redis to cache responses from Node.js to the Drupal API allows the site to handle a large volume of traffic, especially during their peak Livestream hours.

My deepest thanks to our Four Kitchens designers and engineers. The whole Four Kitchens team worked miracles.

—Leo Laporte, Founder and Owner,


Four Kitchens launched the website in 2013.

Services provided

  • information architecture
  • content strategy
  • Drupal development
  • custom REST API
  • content migration

Technology used

  • Drupal 7
  • Node.js
  • Redis
  • Dust.js

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