World Pulse

A Truly Global Redesign

Four Kitchens built a robust social network for World Pulse that is secure, elegantly adapts to any device, and built with a global audience in mind.

The Client

World Pulse is an online community of women from around the globe, speaking out about social problems, starting activist movements, and pressuring global leaders to stand up for women’s rights. The reach of the World Pulse website extends far and wide—from urban areas to remote communities, women all over the world have found a social network they can trust to share their personal story and vision for change.

The Problem

World Pulse approached Four Kitchens with a bold digital vision for their nonprofit organization—to build a safe online community for women leading social change in marginalized communities.

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The Solutions

Privacy is paramount

For many women experiencing human rights issues in their communities, privacy and security are extremely important. Sharing their story with the world to enact change is just as important. Four Kitchens created a secure social network in which women are in complete control of their privacy settings. Whether they choose to keep stories private, share them with a small network, or share them with the world; the women of World Pulse can choose the level of privacy they are most comfortable with.

Mobile-first is for more than just iPhones

When creating a digital experience for users all over the world, “mobile-first” takes on a completely different meaning. Mobile devices aren’t just the latest generation of iPhone, but even one-off brands, or older versions of smartphones that are no longer widely supported. This is where truly responsive design and optimization can make a difference, and Four Kitchens delivered a best-in-breed mobile-first design.

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When it came time to build the interactive website of our dreams to scale our global reach and give voice to millions of women across the globe, the Four Kitchens team was far more than just a web development firm to us. They provided strong thought partnership, delivered high quality results, dispatched superb professional talent, and went the extra mile to ensure that we were satisfied at each phase of the project.

—Jensine Larsen, Founder and CEO of World Pulse


Four Kitchens launched in 2015.

Services provided

  • created intuitive UX for all levels of computer experience
  • user research including interviews, surveys, and usability testing
  • full-responsive design
  • migrated 20,000+ users
  • multilingual site support

Technologies used

  • Drupal 7
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass
  • Grunt
  • Grunticons
  • Pantheon

In Previous News

  • Work that Makes a Difference: Relaunching World Pulse, by Cecy Correa
  • We won! AVA Digital Awards 2015 – Platinum Award – website/nonprofit
  • We won! Best in Biz Awards 2015 – Website of the year – Silver – international winners, PR and media
  • We won! International Business Awards 2015 – Silver Stevie Winner – website, nonprofit

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