Bryant Holmes
Location: Omaha, NE

Bryant Holmes

Web Chef Emeritus


As an Air Force brat living in Europe, Bryant had the unique pleasure of experiencing life early on from many different perspectives, whether that was losing then finding his brother in a Turkish marketplace surrounded by women and covered in lipstick, or sitting in a Munich bar surrounded by tearful Germans watching the Berlin wall crumble on TV. Later, while officiating the funeral of a mutual friend, he met the woman who would become his girlfriend three years later.

An amalgam of exotic experiences and lifelong learning has led to a long career in project management, during which Bryant has worn many hats. In college, he studied psychology and business analysis, which instilled in him a love for creating and improving processes. At Four Kitchens, he’s responsible for overseeing the project management team, as well as developing processes, standardization, and documentation practices that ensure everyone is operating on the same level.

From old-school blues to hardcore punk, music has always played an important role in Bryant’s life. Growing up in a house filled with music meant learning from the likes of Thelonious Monk and Tom Waits while sharpening his own skills on the drums, bass, and guitar. He’s also inspired by the works of Salvador Dalí and Philip K. Dick, and is currently in the process of publishing his first book.