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Keith Halpin
Location: Austin, Texas

Keith Halpin

Technical Project Manager

For Keith, a motivated team is a happy team. Since joining Four Kitchens in 2019, he’s been responsible for steering projects while keeping teams unstuck. He actively engages teams across organizations by working with designers, developers, content experts, analysts, and clients to produce thoughtful solutions to complex problems. His mission is to provide clear functional and technical specifications, expectations, and progress all the way from discovery to delivery.

Taking up the full mantle of technical project manager means Keith is always seeking to level-up his own skills, too. He enjoys working with his team to improve Four Kitchens’ project management processes and likes to stay up-to-date on the latest project management trends, digital platforms, and best practices.

While he doesn’t play the guitar, Keith spends plenty of time playing with them and has been collecting axes since he was 14. He can often be found off-road, having recently traded in his street cruiser for a dual sport motorcycle.

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