Kristina Stucklen

Technical Project Manager

Sayville, NY

Sticky Note Junkie. To-Do List Fanatic.

With a background in art and advertising Kristina began her career as a visual designer. After quickly realizing her love for budgets and spreadsheets, she transitioned into project management at multiple agencies within NYC. She loves translating ideas into fully fleshed out requirements to see a project really come to life. When she’s not jotting down lists on post-its, Kristina can be found living in a CrossFit gym, telling her mini-me “no”, or drawing while sipping on some soothing wine.

Bits and pieces

  • On my next vacation, I'm going to…

    sleep in. Because…kids.

  • wine and anything.

    …are the perfect dinner combo.
  • If you ever visit…

    Long Island

    make sure to go to…

    Brownstones or Toast (no one can pass up pancakes!)

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