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Marco Ledezma Cordero
Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

Marco Ledezma Cordero

Web Chef Emeritus

It all started in 2016, when Marco began studying at CETAV, a beautiful institution focused on human growth. He came away with a great set of frontend-focused technical skills, in addition to soft skills that left him forever grateful.

Marco likes to learn and feel the satisfaction of making things that work and look good. He’s endlessly curious — always looking for what’s new and what’s popular and properly testing it. He is very interested in web3 technology, and feels it has a lot of potential. He jumps at any opportunity he gets to teach and share his learnings.

Marco is a lifelong gamer, regularly playing everything from Nintendo 64 to his own gaming PC. He can’t live without music daily, and he loves to hike among the beautiful scenery nearby.