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Melissa Cherian
Location: Atlanta, GA

Melissa Cherian

Web Chef Emeritus

Melissa has spent more than a decade working with nonprofit and EdTech organizations in various roles, including strategy, operations, business development, customer success, project management, and product development. Seeing the value of project management in various roles, she loves translating big-picture ideas into actionable plans.

In her role as Business Development Associate, Melissa’s focus is on longevity. Along with the leadership team, she works closely with clients and internal teams to strategize and execute plans that balance customer and business goals. At Four Kitchens, she’s happy to be surrounded by a group of kind, genuine, and hardworking people who share her passion for delivering exceptional results.

Melissa was born and raised in Toronto, lived in New York for a few years, and now lives with her family in Atlanta. Together they love playing sports, hiking, and spending time outdoors. She also enjoys creating art, designing and building things for her home, and volunteering whenever she can.