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Polo Reynaga
Location: Austin, TX

Polo Reynaga

Senior Engineer

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a desire to always challenge himself, Polo loves riding the learning curve of development. In 2014, he moved to Texas from his hometown of Monterrey, Nuevo León in Northeast Mexico and began working at UT–Austin, where he cut his development teeth on Drupal 7. Whenever he approaches a new project, he begins by thinking about how a particular distribution will be used and how it can suit the end user. Then he’ll find ways to keep solving challenges and improve things until the job’s done right.

Polo approaches his hobbies with the same level of passion and dedication. He likes learning how to do and make new things, which is reflected in his cosplay projects, as well as improving things he’s already worked on (like the catio he built for his cats). Video games are a huge part of his life, especially fighting games. He spends much of his time fostering a community in which players of all skill levels can come together and grow. As a “coach,” his motivation isn’t to become the best player in the world—he just wants to make sure his community is recognized. He’s now thinking about the next step: building a website for his team and implementing a tournament system within it to track players’ progress across internal and external events.