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Rain Hendrix
Location: Hillsboro, OR

Rain Hendrix

Associate Frontend Engineer


Relatively new to web development, Rain brings everything they’ve learned from the spiritual world of meditation and yoga to the more physical world of technology. Growing up in temples in South Korea, they developed a love for meditation and the many forms it can take. As a developer, their goal is to connect with people who make a positive impact in the world — particularly nonprofit organizations — as well as integrating compassion, kindness, and love into their code in order to reduce the anxiety of the internet and make it a calmer, more meditative place.

Outside of Four Kitchens, Rain works as a meditation teacher, yoga instructor, and Reiki master. They regularly perform healing ceremonies throughout Oregon, connecting people to their bodies — whether through meditation or movement — and believe strongly in allowing everybody to embrace and express their true identity. Rain is also a podcaster, vegan, and lifelong musician who enjoys noodling on a wide variety of string and percussion instruments.