The year is 2015: we don’t have robocops, we don’t have cloned dinosaur theme parks. Bummer, right? The good news is, I’m here to tell you how you can crowdsource everything from getting across town to having IKEA furniture assembled! It’s not a replicator or an android assistant, but the future’s not all bad.

Ever thought, “Gee golly, I wish there were more hours in the day!”? Well too bad, that’s just not how time works. But every service listed here is something I use to cut down on time spent doing things I don’t want to spend time doing. It’s a nice compromise that doesn’t violate any laws of physics!

If the above isn’t enough incentive for you to consider crowdsourcing, first of all, what’s wrong with you? Seriously. Furthermore, would you perform your own appendectomy? Listen, I can’t even spell it closely enough that my phone’s overzealous autocorrect knows what to do with it. No, you wouldn’t, you’d hire a professional. You should do the same with your grocery shopping. It’s good for the economy, and you don’t even need a medical license. Just a cellular telephone which is much easier to legally obtain.

1. Get some groceries!

You know how you get really self-conscious walking through the aisles, never really knowing what you’re looking for, just hoping you don’t run into someone from your past? Instacart, available in 307 cities across the United States, will send another human to do all of that for you!

Does your pet also suffer from social anxiety? Good news! They have humans that will do that stuff for your pet, too! WOW. But seriously they also offer deliveries from pet supply stores.

2. Get some restaurant food!

Postmates, currently available in 78 United States cities, is another service that brings you food, but from restaurants this time! Seriously, what could possibly be better?

They list myriad chain options, but also provide full menus for local restaurants. Don’t see what you want? Just add a note. See the Taco Bell that’s 2 miles away, but want food from the one 1 mile away? Just give them a call!

3. Get a ride across town!

Car payment, insurance, maintenance, fossil fuels, parking fees, air fresheners, dozens of traffic fines every month… let’s face it: car ownership is expensive.

Uber, operating in 58 countries, will pick up from wherever, especially the bar! Or seriously wherever.

They’ve got big cars, fancy cars, even normal cars. Take some time to wrap your head around that, then get a ride to a place and maybe even do a thing!

4. Get your home cleaned!

So I tried Homejoy way back in the day when they were a thing (last week). It was not great. But, check this out…sometimes, very rarely, an industry doesn’t need crowdsourcing. The existing business model already caters to the consumer perfectly. If only someone had told Homejoy… So, Google some local housekeepers, pay them (it will be about half the price of Homejoy), done deal.

5. Don’t do anything yourself ever again!

Ever just not wanted to do a thing? TaskRabbit TO THE RESCUE. They’ll do your taxes, assemble your furniture, brush your cat, seriously they know no bounds and will do anything for a dollar. Or significantly more than a dollar in almost all situations.

Taskrabbit is fantastic for all sorts of jobs that you don’t have time for. Need to set up a bunch of tables for an event and then figure out what tablecloths are for? They’ve got your back in 19 cities across the states and they’ll do “virtual” work, like being your personal assistant or data entry, regardless of your location.

I feel an ethical need to inform you that if you stop walking from your car to the grocery store, around the grocery store, and back and start having food delivered to your apartment, your lifestyle will most likely be affected. You may want to use some of your new found free time to get outside and be active. I’ve started utilizing a standing desk and spending more time hiking on the weekends, but that’s only because I want to survive.

Good luck, have fun, pay others to have fun for you, let me know how it goes!