Four Kitchens

Doing good in good company

We make the web a better place to teach, learn, and advocate for all. Driven by our content expertise, technical excellence, and partnerships rooted in shared values, we craft websites that help organizations fulfill their missions.

The Way of the Web Chef

Whether we’re choosing who to hire or which projects are a great fit, our Core Values guide every decision we make. And we work best with people and clients whose values align with ours.

Humbly Confident

We are confident in our expertise, yet unafraid to say we don’t have the answer.

Genuine Relationships

We lead with empathy and encourage compassionate honesty, even when being forthright is difficult or the truth is unpleasant.

Take Action

We are intrinsically motivated to identify opportunities and resolve problems.

Yes, And…

We collaborate enthusiastically by building on people’s suggestions and trying new things to arrive at the best outcome.

Always Improve

We embrace every opportunity to learn, grow, and improve — regardless of what we’ve already accomplished or what limitations might exist.

Do Good

We prioritize the well-being of our communities by volunteering time, energy, and expertise to help others through giving back.

Our story

Four Kitchens was founded in 2006 by four friends who met while working on the student humor publication at the University of Texas at Austin. They went on to found That Other Paper, an alt-weekly whose website, built with Drupal, attracted the attention of several publishers who wanted help building their own websites. Soon, website development had the founders’ full attention.

In the midst of this, they needed a place to live and work. A connection they’d made at a local open-source meetup led them to a potential workspace that was … interesting, to say the least. An eccentric, custom-built structure nestled in the Lost Pines Forest near Austin, the workspace boasted four separate living areas, each with — you guessed it — its own kitchen.

While the founders never moved into that workspace, they did live and work together for years, taking on rewarding projects with clients in education, advocacy, and publishing. And that hard work has paid off, allowing us to grow our team, services, and impact. Recently, we expanded internationally by merging with Advomatic and Manatí.

Over the years, we’ve learned and grown a lot, but the same things are still important to us: having fun, being creative, and doing great work for the greater good.

Our team

Meet the Web Chefs

Work worth doing with people you like

Humbly confident, endlessly curious, and genuinely kind, we love crafting websites that help organizations fulfill their missions.

Be a Web Chef

Web Chef holding a T-shirt that reads 'Doing good in good company'

We’re a good group of people who embody our values. Plus, we make some bad-ass technology.

—Allan Chappell, Senior Support Lead


A job well done is its own reward — but the occasional accolade helps, too. We’re proud to partner with great clients to create award-winning websites.

Emmy Award winner for Best Digital Experience
W3 Award winner for Digital Excellence
AVA Digital Awards Platinum winner
Communicator Award winner
Webby Award finalist
Best Places to Work award winner