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Application Developer Alliance Privacy Summit Series: Educating and listening to developers

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We were recently approached by the Application Developer Alliance, a group based out of Washington, D.C., regarding a Privacy Summit Series that are arranging across the United States. We were intrigued.

The Application Developer Alliance is an advocacy group dedicated to lending a voice to all developers. If you are a developer, and make a living creating software, applications, or web-based solution — if you are a developer of any type — the Application Developer Alliance wants to hear from you!

The organization was formed out of a need to legislators to know and understand issues faced by developers when creating software. If legislators don’t understand developers and their issues, the legislation being written by policy-makers will reflect this lack of knowledge, and in turn, be harmful for our industry. This is why it is very important to both listen to developers, and take our voices to those writing the policies that can govern our industry in the future.

In order to accomplish this feat, the Application Developer Alliance is taking this Privacy Summit Series on the road, and hitting up tech centers in the U.S. Austin, TX is their first stop.

We are excited to announce Four Kitchens will be a co-host for the Austin event. Any organization that supports and helps developers and empowers them to continue to create important work, is a friend of Four Kitchens.

The Austin event will be held on Monday, June 4th, from 6PM – 9PM at Buffalo Billiard’s. Registration is required, but you can get in for free if you are an independent developer. For more information and to register for the Austin event, please visit this site.

If you would like to find out more about the Application Developer Alliance, or see if a Privacy Summit will be held in your city, please take a look at this site.