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Awards: takes the gold

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Drum roll, please!

We’re incredibly proud to announce’s most recent award: a Gold Best in Biz “Website of the Year” for 2015.

Best in Biz Awards honors companies, teams, executives and products for their business success as the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts. As the team that helped bring their online vision to life, we are thrilled that our partners at World Pulse have earned their fourth award while collaborating with us! Through our continued partnership, World Pulse’s leadership ensured we made the right decisions by always keeping their goals and mission at the forefront.

Four Kitchens’s own mission is to change the world by setting knowledge free, a principle with which World Pulse is also largely familiar. is a social platform that increases the global voice and leadership of women worldwide, providing them with skills and connections that help amplify their voices and ideas.

World Pulse’s work has reached the most remote regions of the world where women often go unheard and unseen. It gives grassroots movements the feet and resources they require to make real changes in the lives of the women who need it most. The organization helps women in disadvantaged areas to harness mobile technology and the web, which in turn enables them to:

  • Speak freely without fear of retribution.
  • Connect with other women around the world.
  • Gain leadership skills and roles through training and unique online leadership programs.
  • Read and author online content that meets their needs and interests and empowers them to believe in their own voice.
  • Unite with thousands of individuals, organizations, and key influencers in the global social change sector.

It’s an honor for the 4K team to work alongside an organization which dedicates all its efforts and resources toward the greater good. We thank for the chance to contribute to this noble cause.

Congratulations and onward!

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