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Channel your inner geek poet. Drupal Poetry is here!

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In 4K Labs, (our own version of google “20% time”) we’ve built a web-based, Drupal-powered version of those “magnetic poetry” kits you may have seen on someone’s refrigerator. Drupal Poetry is a web version of “magnetic poetry,” complete with a touch-and-drag interface for tablets/phones and includes several Drupal-centric word packs. After you’ve crafted your masterpiece, log in to Twitter, and share you poem with other Drupalers and the world!

This Drupal-powered web app integrates with several third-party libraries/backends (Node.js, Backbone.js, MongoDB), utilizes services, and features a responsive/adaptive layout for multiple devices. In other words, it’s an interactive demo of Drupal’s flexibility and ability to plug into emerging technologies. As always, all of our work will be made available on GitHub and, where possible, modules on We know there are still some bugs to work out, so please send us your feedback and feature requests and happy versing!

Follow #drupalpoetry to see everybody’s poems!