After many months of deliberation, we’ve decided to totally rebrand Four Kitchens. It was a tough decision — there’s so much work that needs to be done — but we decided, in the end, that our firm needed a new look.

Our goals for the rebranding are:

  • Identify Four Kitchens as a leading Drupal consulting firm.
  • Raise awareness of our design skills and portfolio. (We’re not just scalability experts!)
  • Create an iconic brand that associates the Four Kitchens with quality, respect, and community involvement.

Please check out our ideas below. Any feedback is welcome. We really need your help!

Four Kitchens logo: version 1


Inspiration: Building a website is like reading a book. First, you ride your fixed-gear bike to a locally owned, vegan bookstore and pick out something about World Trade Organization-sponsored coups. Then you turn the book over to see how much it costs. Finally, you pedal home — uphill — and buy it on Amazon in a hot minute.

Four Kitchens logo: version 2


Inspiration: Building a website is like growing a plant. If you leave it in the sun too long, it will wither up and die. Then you have a dried up, dead plant, dummy. What a waste of five bucks. Oh, and you have to make a geospatial/SMS mashup that visualizes demographic data based on your proximity to a mailbox, squirrel population, volcanic activity, and roadside historical markers.

Four Kitchens logo: version 3


Inspiration: Building a website is a lot like owning a giant, red robot. Everybody thinks it’s cute, but you’re the one that has to follow it around with plastic bags on your hands, cleaning up its piles of instructional DVDs.

UPDATE: Version 4 submitted by a loyal reader


We’re not sure who made this, but we like it! They deserve a ping, whoever they are…