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Drupal does Dallas: DrupalCamp Dallas gets it right

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In early August, David, Todd, and I took a road trip to Dallas, TX to attend the first ever DrupalCamp Dallas. It was a two-day event organized by several Dallas-based Drupal shops: LevelTen Interactive, Koine Media, and Tarakan Design. We had a lot of fun meeting fellow Texas Drupalers and saw some excellent presentations as well.

It was a very ambitious schedule which included two tracks of sessions, BOF meetings, and a “Collab Lab” for people to collaborate and discuss current Drupal projects. The whole thing came off without a hitch, so kudos to the organizers for knocking it out of the park with their very first DrupalCamp. I think Todd summed it up best:

Definitely one of best DrupalCamps I’ve attended. The Dallas Drupal users are a vibrant and knowledgeable bunch.

We’ll definitely strive to match this quality for our upcoming DrupalCamp Austin 2009.

Session videos now online

Okay, enough reveling. Here are the videos from the sessions that Four Kitchens presented:

All of the other session videos are online too, so check `em out!

Credit: The DrupalCamp Dallas logo was created by rocketgenius