Four Kitchens

DrupalCamp Stanford

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Four Kitchens is sponsoring DrupalCamp Stanford and web chef Diana Montalion Dupuis is in sunny Palo Alto to offer two sessions: Drupal for NonGeeks and Mad Skillz: Be the Best in the World.

  • On Friday, attendees who will never write a line of PHP code but need to understand how Drupal works can find out at the Drupal for NonGeeks session. This session will offer a high-level, conceptual understanding of the Drupal framework. The goal is to enable nonGeeks to make decisions about applying Drupal to their real world challenges and talk to developers (in their language).
  • On Saturday, attendees can join in on The Mad Skillz Self Assessment Experience at the Mad Skillz: Be the Best in the World session. They’ll also hear what top Drupal shops and in-house Drupal team leaders say are the “Most Important Traitz” their best developers possess. (Hint: it isn’t “ninja” anything.) Team builders and Drupal business or project owners will get a master list of skillz to use for team development plans, hiring assessments, and ideas for how to assess that “certain something” that top developers have in common.

If you’re at the Camp, come by a session and say, “Howdy.”