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DrupalCon Portland: mobile roundup

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DrupalCon is coming! In just a little over a month, our Drupal community will meet in Portland to learn what’s new in the web and Drupal. I have already begun checking out the schedule to find some of the best frontend talks.


Sam Richard (@snugug) and Mason Wendell (@codingdesigner) are giving a talk on how to develop a responsive site with Sass and Breakpoint. I have had the pleasure of working with both of these guys with the work for Team Sass, and look forward to their session about the changes with Breakpoint.

Josh Riggs (@joshriggs) will be showing the Zen of HTML Prototyping and Designing in the Browser. This is especially important for ensuring the proper mobile design is ready for the client. We have been designing within the browser over the past year at Four Kitchens and are excited to see what other companies have been doing with it.

Vadim Mirgorod (@dealancer) has a session to Integrate Backbone.js into Drupal 7 and 8. We have already begun to use Backbone.js to create some awesome mobile and responsive apps at Four Kitchens, and I am exited to learn new ways to integrate it into a Drupal site.

Jared Ponchot (@jponch) of Lullabot will have a session about Designing for the responsive age we live in. I look forward to seeing some tips and tricks I can apply to our design process here at Four Kitchens, and possibly better ways of thinking of responsive design.


Want to start DrupalCon off running, and get a full-day responsive training? Chris Ruppel, Sam Richard and I are offering Advanced Responsive Web Design with Sass + Compass on May 20th. This shouldn’t be missed for anybody who wants to learn about how to properly implement a responsive design, and the tools to use to make your life easier.