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Happy Founders’ Day — Ten years!

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Happy Founders’ Day!

On April 17th, Four Kitchens celebrates its 10th Anniversary! Happy Birthday to us!

Aaron Stanush

We’re taking the day off and celebrating!

Lucy Weinmeister brought the champagne:

Lucy Weinmeister

…and Elia Albarran brought the beer:

Elia Albarran

It’s birthday fun for the whole family!

Starring— Randy Oest and Astrid:

Randy Oest

Jon Peck, featuring Genevieve and Major:

Jon Peck

Joe Tower and Henry Tuffin Muffins:

Joe Tower

Saybra Giles and the hand-acrobatics of Christina Aguisnailra:

Saybra Giles

Alex Hicks with Riley and Frankie:

Alex Hicks

…and Matt Grill with Ein:

Matt Grill with Dog

Join us for a celebration filled with music!

It’s the Web Chef Bogus Band, with—

Caris Hurd and the cat session players:

Luke Herrington on lead guitar:

Luke Herrington

Dustin Younse on keyboards:

Dustin Younse

…and Matt Grill (again!) on air-drums:

Matt Girll air-drumming

Our Founders’ Day is filled with dancing!

Allan Chappell does the Carlton!

Allan Chappell

Don’t miss Jason Swihart’s fancy footwork!

Jason Swihart

Mike Minecki’s got rainbow-powered moves!

Mike Minecki

…and also Matt Grill, again. But this time he’s dancing!

Matt Grill dancing

And what anniversary celebration would be complete without a little mystery?

Why is Suzy Bates a wanted wizard?

Suzy Bates

How does Jared Rogers have a disco in his mouth?

Jared Rogers

…and David Diers wonders: Who’s this Matt Grill guy?

David Diers and Matt Grill

Happy Founders’ Day, Four Kay!

Todd Nienkerk