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HTML5.tx was awesome!!

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Todd and I had a great time going to HTML5.tx this past weekend. With some awesome sessions from Austin and beyond, it was a great day for front-end people to gather and geek out. I was very excited to present a session called Fun and Games with CSS3, which was a laid-back look at some of the newest CSS3 modules being developed today. I demoed a bunch of fun experiments and toys, and picked apart some of the more interesting ones on stage. You can check a some of them out at CSS3 Playground.

There were other interesting topics: the DOM Element Interface, Modernizr, and a great WebSockets / localStorage / appCache presentation. Near the end of the day several of the speakers formed a panel and gave some great advice on keeping up with the sea of change happening on the front-end of web development. It was fantastic and I’m already looking forward to next time! Oh and just like Rob during his recent trip to Asheville, NC, I narrowly avoided getting #poopin‘d