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Initial impressions of HipHop PHP and porting Pressflow

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I spent most of the weekend porting Pressflow to HipHop PHP. Josh Koenig from Chapter Three was also kind enough to spend much of his Saturday working with me. Pressflow doesn’t quite run on HipHop yet, but we’re working on it.

h2. Building HipHop PHP and Pressflow

Getting a good build of HipHop was quite a challenge. However, if you’re on 64-bit Ubuntu 9.10, you just have to follow our build instructions.

Expect to spend an hour preparing and building HipHop and 30 minutes building Pressflow. Don’t expect the latter to do much.

h2. Challenge: dynamic includes

The first challenge visible when compiling a HipHop-based application is dynamic includes. In Drupal/Pressflow

h3. Sessions