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Launch announcement: Forcepoint

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Four Kitchens is pleased to announce the launch of the Forcepoint website. Headquartered in 4K’s own Austin, TX, Forcepoint, a joint venture between Raytheon and Vista Equity Partners, is the result of a merger between cybersecurity firms Raytheon Cyber, Websense, and StoneSoft. Forcepoint is set to become an industry leader in online security solutions, allowing both businesses and governments to protect themselves from cybercrime — safeguarding against both insider threats and external attacks.


Taylor Smith led the team at Four Kitchens, which included Patrick Coffey, Jeff Tomlinson, Luke Herrington, Caris Hurd, and Jared Rogers. Four Kitchens handled both frontend design and backend architecture for the new site. Built on Drupal 7, Four Kitchens used Drupal’s Cloudwords integration to assist in the site’s internationalization with a seven-language multilingual interface (in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, German, and Italian).

The Forcepoint team also created a localization mechanism for delivering specific content to users according to the region they’re in (e.g., so a user accessing the site in Venezuela will see different features than a user accessing the site in Canada). While brand unification across these three distinct identities (Raytheon Cyber, Websense, and StoneSoft) was a sometimes delicate juggling act, Four Kitchens’ particular emphasis on smart design and our expertise in Drupal allowed Taylor and his team to create a sleek new site with a unified architecture, information design, and mobile navigation that are on the cutting edge, providing a beautiful home for the newly-formed Forcepoint venture.

Fear distracts. It’s time for something new. WE ARE FORCEPOINT.

Read the official press release here.