Four Kitchens

Launch announcement:

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MDedge is a digital and print publisher providing resources for health industry professionals. The portal currently contains 35 separate properties including medical journals, specialized hubs, and news publications.

The Project

Four Kitchens worked with the MDedge team to…

  • migrate over 130,000 articles, quizzes, and other content from a variety of sources
  • create a two-way integration with their print publication tool, teambase, to enable the desired editorial workflow
  • create custom integrations with a number of 3rd-party vendors to provide powerful advertisement targeting and customer identity management
  • implement a content distribution system between all properties providing a deep level of customization alongside robust automation
  • provide functional test coverage for identified high-value functionality using behat and CircleCI

Timeline and Milestones.

The Discovery phase started in September 2015, with the Design and and Build phases in the following months. The new was deployed in three stages: The first launch included a single property in July 2016—the main site featuring OBG Management. This was fast-followed by a second launch phase that included fifteen properties in September 2016, while the remaining properties were launched in October 2016.

Engineering and development specifics

  • Drupal 7
  • hosted on Pantheon
  • functional test coverage with Behat
  • continuous integration builds on CircleCI
  • code standards enforced with ESLint and PHP_CodeSniffer
  • site migration
  • custom 3rd-party integrations

The Team

Peter Sieg – Technical Lead
Mike Klanac – Project Manager
Mike Minecki – Business Analyst
Caris Hurd – UX Designer
David Diers – Engineer
Randy Oest – Designer & Frontend Engineer
Brian Lewis – Frontend Engineer
Joe Tower – Frontend Engineer
with additional support from Alex Hicks and Suzy Bates

James Todd – Engineer
Roberto Cardenas – Engineer
Simon Mora – Engineer
Hans Riemenschneider – Frontend Engineer
Karl Kaufmann – Designer